Friday, February 6, 2009

Family Fun!

Just some fun things we did in he last couple of weeks.We went to the Mayan after going to the Draper Temple open house tour. We couldn't take pictures of the inside of the temple of course but we could the outside. However the out side was blocked with this huge indoor passageway that they made so we didn't get pictures of the outside either.

Sierra is on the snake outside of the Mayan. (Hunter just made it in the picture to the left)
Caden and Sierra

We went to Classic Skating and fun center for Human Rights Day. Caden was playing some games.

Hunter prefers the scooter to skates. He doesn't want to be seen by the paparazzi.

Caden and Sierra skating. Sierra took 4th in the skating race they held. She's going so fast here that she's a blur. Caden is more cautious.

Kacie (our neice on Shawn's side of family) came with us to the Fun Center and we went to the Training Table before hand.

Grandma came too!! Here she is with Sierra. Both looking FAAAAAAABULOUS!!


Gifford Family said...

Looks like you had a GREAT time!

Youngsters said...

Sas that was a beautiful picture of you and Grandma. Now why don't we get invited to any of these fun outings. JK Hope you keep having fun.